Sunday, July 23, 2006

Our family portrait!

Here by popular demand, is our latest family portrait. And when I say "latest" I mean this afternoon. (Oh, the wonders of digital photography!)

It's the first time we've had one done when it wasn't for a Christmas card. And, we didn't even do one of those this past year because the weekend we SHOULD'VE been doing it was taken up with waiting for the Directv man to install the DVR. Which, he didn't come until the next week, so it was all for naught anyway.

Well, some of my friends had been clamoring for a new photo, and Anna Marie and I are fresh in the haircut department, so I thought we'd do it today. I was afraid the weather wouldn't cooperate, but it wasn't too hot. That little red head in the middle was the one not cooperating!

Props go to my sister Amanda, who risked life and limb (and kneeling down on some asphault in a short skirt) to take this shot. (You can check out some of her other amazing photographs at the link on the sidebar)

Oh, and thanks to the Tate County Master Gardeners, for giving us one more photogenic place in Senatobia. It's the Memorial Gardens and Arboretum, and it's spectacular. They just finished it last week.

Say cheese everybody!


Melody said...

What a great picture and what a beautiful little girl.

glad the ac will be fixed

Amanda said...

Being on my knees in a skirt hurt, I tell ya, but it's certainly not the worst pain I've endured for a photo.

Just ask my two front teeth.

Donna Boucher said...

Beautiful picture!
I happen to be partial to little red-headed children :o)
I have three :o)

I can't wait until I am looking good enough for a picture.
You are an encouragemant to me.

Melissa said...

Donna - when I married my (red-headed) husband, I had no idea that my family had secret visions of red-headed kids running through their heads. When she was born, and the doctor told us that her hair was light, my mom and sister were there saying "Please let it be red!" Of course, it was.

I wouldn't have it any other way. When she is asked where her red hair came from, her answers are split between "my daddy" and "God." I guess it's a little bit of both!

Alison said...

This is a great picture of ya'll! Such a beautiful fam! :)

Esther said...

I sure would like a copy of that picture!

Melissa said...

Thanks Alison - hey, when do we get to meet "Brother Coley?" You still haven't brought Caleb down here!

Melissa said...

Aunt Esther - Jason told me to upload the picture to Sams, but I didn't and he thought I did. So Tuesday after he left the auction, I asked him where he was, and he said he was ABOUT TO GO TO SAMS TO PICK UP THE PICTURES! I felt really bad about the whole thing - I'll try to remember to do it tonight after WW. This whole "one computer thing" is really for the birds, since the laptop is in the shop and I have to wait for computer time (in line behind two red heads).

Donna Boucher said...

Well...she's a beautiful little mother always wanted a red-head and she wrote in my baby book that my hair was reddish brown :o) Wishful thinking on her part!