Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Orpheum!

Well, there was some moderate disappointment on my part when we got home last night and I reviewed the tape of the ABC news. Seems they didn't use it after all. I did record Good Morning America this morning, in case that's where they used the picture, but I haven't watched it yet because Anna Marie is watching - wait for it, wait for it - JIMMY TIMMY POWER HOUR THREE! I only let her watch it because she was a big girl and took the medicine I gave her for her cough. I know, I shouldn't bribe the kid. I don't think I'll have to next time, because she saw that taking liquid medicine wasn't so bad.

Anyway, we had a really good time last night. My only regret was that dad didn't get off work in time to join us. We stopped at Fazoli's for supper, and then went downtown. The Orpheum is just as beautiful as I'd remembered, though much smaller. That always happens to me - places I went as a kid just aren't that big now that I'm an adult.

They were showing "After the Thin Man," an old detective movie. It was really good - at least the part I got to see. Anna Mare (of course) wouldn't sit in her own seat (you know, the one we paid $5 for her to not sit in?) because she's not heavy enough to make those folding seats stay down and they tend to collapse in on her. We watched the first hour or so of the movie all downstairs, and then she wanted popcorn. Mom talked the lady at the concession stand into giving us a small cup for $1.50 (half price). I took Anna Marie up to the balconies, and we went between the first and second balconies for the remainder of the movie. I figure she's my kid, and I was the one who brought her, so it's my responsibility to keep her occupied so she doesn't ruin everyone else's evening.

Afterwards, we went to IHOP. They have a new "IHOP for ME" menu with lots of healthy stuff on it. Yay! I got the garden scramble, which was egg substitute scrambled with peppers, onions, tomato, and mushrooms. It also came with pancakes, but I gave those to Anna Marie. Also, the cook accidentally gave us hashbrowns, and I have to admit eating a few bites of those.

We got home about 11, and Anna Marie (of course) went right to sleep. All in all, it was a good night.


Amanda said...

That night ruled!

(insert Arsenio Hall noises here)

Melissa said...

Which one of us gets the long prosthetic finger?