Friday, July 07, 2006

They're gone!

Well, Jason and Anna Marie left for South Carolina today. I had to stop myself from crying when I was helping load her in the Jeep.

Then, I go into our bedroom, and Jason had forgotten to pack the washcloths I had laid out. Or I guess I should say I forgot to pack them, because I had packed the towels. Luckily, he and AM were having breakfast at BK with my parents, so I went by and took the washcloths. I was going to just put them in the back of the Jeep and go on about my day, but I couldn't resist seeing them one last time before they left.

I was going to go for a walk when I got off, go home, and eat frozen Ravioli while watching the Hitch DVD that's been at my house for a week, but Amanda has talked me into going to the movies with her. We may go see A Prairie Home Companion or The Devil Wears Prada or something like that. I think some Pho Hua Binh may be involved as well.

On another note, Gavin made me so happy when he stopped by yesterday! He hadn't seen me in a while, and nearly had a heart attack when he saw how much weight I'd lost. Such a sweet boy, and he's going to be famous one day. Mark my words. He's already done a small indie film, and now they're trying to shop it around to film festivals. Sundance, watch out!

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