Friday, June 30, 2006

Random things that make me happy

After the last couple of posts being so "heavy," here is a "lighthearted" look at the things which make me happy (in no particular order, just the order I'm thinking of them).

1. Soul/funk music. I was walking around Norfleet Park the other day listening to Earth, Wind, and Fire and other things from my "Soulsville" mix, and it made me happy. Just brought a little sunshine into my world to hear the late Billy Preston tear up the keys on "Will It Go Round In Circles," and thinking how that someone should've rigged up a way for his music to be playing in his grave so he could groove for a long time to come. (Yeah, I said this would be lighthearted, but I didn't say it might not get a little weird).

2. Going to weigh-in and losing 2.5 lbs! Which I did last night! I won't mention the fact that Jason and I took an early anniversary supper afterwards at Olive Garden and it's quite likely I gained most of that back in one sitting!

3. Being able to make someone else happy. The only problem is, I feel like if I have to ask for help (like someone's birthday or address or something) and that person I've asked finds out what I'm doing, I feel like I'm doing something wrong. Does that make any sense?

4. Going out with my sister when Jason and Anna Marie are out of town, and getting to pretend for one brief shining moment that I'm young and carefree again, without the responsibilities of adulthood. (And, since I consider her a "cool" person, just the fact that she's with me and not her other "cool" friends makes me feel somewhat "cool").

5. Hearing Anna Marie laugh. Notice I didn't say "scream," which she often does when tickled. That most definitely does notmake me happy. I said "laugh."

And yes, my marriage makes me happy (most of the time) and my relationship with God, but I can't think of specific things about those things that make me happy.

So now it's your turn: let's start some comments about what makes you happy!

Also! Five Star Races tonight in Senatobia! Be there! Watch me make a slight fool of myself!
Also also! Cook out at my house Sunday after church! I'll bring the meat, you bring the sides! Be there! We'll also be going to Bellevue afterwards for their fireworks spectacular!

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