Sunday, June 11, 2006

He's not home yet!

Much to his chagrin.

The hospital was supposed to have done a CT scan on Friday, but it didn't get done until yesterday. As of this morning, he was waiting for the doctor to discharge him. He threatened to leave on his own, but the nurse told him the insurance wouldn't pay if he did.

Poor guy. He's starving - hospital food is bad enough, but he can't even eat part of what he's brought. They brought a diabetic Frosted Flakes! Although, a little portion control would not be a bad thing for him. For breakfast this morning, he said he had a "heaping tablespoon" of eggs and some toast.

On a side note, I'm really glad the TiVo got all those episodes of "My Name is Earl." I've had a little time late at night the last couple of days (and this morning) to watch them. Hilarity has ensued. Trashy people are funny!

On another side note, this picture is dad and Anna Marie last summer on our family's trip to Heber Springs, Ark. No, he isn't a biker, but he is balding, thus the occasional do-rag.

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