Tuesday, June 13, 2006


(I was trying to type the sound I made today when I found out that Shirley decided to move up the deadline on Profiles from Thursday to Monday. And I found out from AMANDA, not SHIRLEY)

Yes, I, who have no intern yet (because her drug test isn't back yet so she can't start), have to do Profiles by myself and four days earlier than I had anticipated. And by the way, WHEN was Shirley planning on telling me?

So, being the trooper that I am, I got the run sheet out and dummied the paper. 10 pages, including the cover and two full-page ads. Not too shabby. Then (and I know LaJuan and Amanda will not be the least bit surprised at this) Shirley comes in and brings me a post-it with MORE ADS! Well, we're up to 12 pages now. I just hope there won't be any more.

(For the record, I'm not writing this at work)

On a brighter note, Dad came home yesterday afternoon. He'd been waiting for two days on an ultrasound of his thyroid, but when he asked when he could have it, the nurses checked his chart and said not for another month. Do what? Seems the dye in his veins from the other tests prevented the ultrasound. I guess he felt better, because he was back at the auction today.

Also, Anna Marie has been thoroughly enjoying VBS at the local Nazarene Church this week. She actually cries when I go pick her up!

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