Monday, June 12, 2006

It costs HOW MUCH?


That's how much one of the Walt Disney World weddings cost that was featured on the Food Network this weekend. Of course, they saved that little tidbit until the end - after you'd seen the multiple parties, food tastings, and customization of everything.

Now, I'm all for getting married, and I'm all for having a nice wedding. But, I'm afraid that kind of expense - even IF you have that kind of money - borders on the insane.

One of the things that pushed this couple's tab up was called "crown service." Instead of telling guests what would be served at the reception, the guests picked their dinners as they were being served. Translation: instead of service for 100, these people paid for service for 300 (they had three different entrees) to make sure everyone had what they wanted. Also, I would assume that roughly 2/3 of each entree went into the trash.

Another big ticket item: $2,000 to have the Disney characters dance at the reception. That was on top of the over $800 cake, the rehearsal dinner, and the "Alice in Wonderland" themed bridesmaid's tea. Oh, and the $2,000 just to ride a few blocks in Cinderella's coach to the ceremony site.

I can think of better ways to spend $70,000. For instance: how about $10,000 for the wedding, and then putting the other $60,000 on a house? Even at $10,000, you could get a bang-up set of nuptials.

In the interest of full disclosure, my wedding set us back around $2,000, including my dress. I would like to think that IF I'd had, say, $70,000 to spend, I still wouldn't have gone much above that - but then, I'm pretty tight.

Oh, and a dad update: as of press time, he is still in the hospital getting more tests done. This time, it's an ultrasound on his thyroid, because they found some problems. He wants us to bring his van back up there and park it outside his window (he's on the first floor) so that he can sneak out and go to Krystal for breakfast. Will he ever change?

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