Friday, June 23, 2006

This could've been a picture of Anna Marie…

but there are an awful lot of weirdos out on the net these days.

Last night, she was on my bed getting into her PJs. She stood up and took off her shirt, leaving just her shorts on.

AM: "Do I look like that wrestler Jack Black?"

Me, horrified: "What do you know about Jack Black?"

AM: "He's a wrestler, and he doesn't have any shirt on, just pants. So do I look like him?"

Me: "Um, not really."

I guess she'd been seeing the Nacho Libre commercials on Nickelodeon. Odd, because I wouldn't think this movie would be suitable for small children.

On another note, I lost another half pound this week. Wohoo! That might not sound like much, but I was going to be happy just maintaining after the way I ate at Jeremy and Lindsey's reception. Who can resist store bought white cake with white buttercream frosting? Not me.

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