Sunday, June 25, 2006

Those cereal folks are geniuses.

We were walking down the cereal aisle at SWM last week, and as per usual, I was trying to be a good mom and find a cereal that would balance Anna Marie's need for sugar and cute characters with her need for nutrition.

Behold - Life Cereal, cleverly disguised as Superman Cereal. Or, that's the way a 4.5 year old brain saw things.

So of course, I got it for her - it's healthy, because it's Life. Yet, she thinks Superman now has a cereal, and she's all about anything having to do with super heroes.

The only downside: having never eaten Life Cereal myself, I did not know that it turns into primordial goo shortly after being introduced to milk. Thus, Anna Marie has to eat up pretty quickly.

On another kid-related note, I highly recommend Nanny McPhee. We got it in from Netflix yesterday, and we've already watched it twice. This may have to be one we purchase.

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