Thursday, June 15, 2006

My blog's 1 week anniversary!

Where has the time gone? Oh, yeah, to hospitals and cut deadlines, that's where!

I am about to sign Anna Marie and myself up for the Senatobia Five Star Races. It's her fourth year, and my first. Of course, I only run when chased - so, it's the 2-mile walk for me. For any of my readers (and I know there are just DOZENS out there) who live anywhere in the Mid-South, come on down. You can sign up at the race, if not before. The entry fee funds scholarships at NWCC, and you get a T-shirt and an after-race buffet.

Anna Marie looks forward to this every year. Only thing is, she doesn't know she doesn't win - they give everyone in her age group a trophy. Maybe this will be the year she finally beats her "arch nemesis," Peyton. Although, guess who is one of her friends from gymnastics? Yep, you guessed it - Peyton.

Note: It is Amanda and I, not little AM herself, who has dubbed Peyton an "arch nemesis." I'm sure she's a perfectly lovely little girl, she just happens to run faster than MY perfectly lovely little girl.

In related news, I got the go-ahead to order the iPod I've been pining away for! I think I'm going to get it from Radio Shack, because my new sister-in-law works there and she can get the commission off the sale. Black 30GB iPod Video coming soon! I'll also be in need of an armband, since one of the "justifications" for this purchase is that it'll help me be more motivated to exercise.

In this pic from last year's race (Thanks, LaJuan!) Anna Marie is making herself very distant from Peyton. Perhaps our talk of an "arch nemesis" has rubbed off on her! I hope not - they could be in school together one day.


Amanda said...

I don't think of Anna Marie as being distant from Peyton in that picture. I think more of her as being close to the boy, since they're so much more fun to run with than girls.


Melissa said...

Yeah, she'd much rather play with the boys anyway - they get all the fun things like super heroes, trains, and heavy equipment.